New Camera

Bought a new Pentax k20d camera this weekend. Managed to get it for a big discount as it was the only one left and it was a floor model. After doing some research, it turns out I should – and I use the word should, not need (my wife would object otherwise) get some decent lenses.

Included with the kit was a 18-55mm lens. Many people have indicated that a 50mm prime lens is essential for good quality pictures. It might be a while until I can afford some decent lenses, but I can play around with what I have for now. I also ordered some lens filters to play around with. I got a polarizing filter and a macro filter (I know a lens is much better, but I can’t afford it) from DealExtreme.

Went out over the weekend to take some pictures of the surroundings – uploaded some to iStockPhoto. Hopefully they will be accepted and I might be able to make back some money.


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