MonthApril 2006

Dell Support :)

I don’t have much to talk about today, but I thought I would enlighten you as to the treatment Dell Support provided. This is regarding an older Dell Laptop (Inspiron 1150) that had a motherboard issue. After calling Dell twice – i didn’t have to wait anywhere near as long as with HP, I had moaned enough that they would arrange pickup and repair of the laptop – FREE OF CHARGE -More… as the laptop had been out of warranty for almost a year. Hows that? A++ Dell for your support, I really appreciate being treated like a valued customer, which is nothing like the horrendous support provided by HP. Too bad there were no finance options available for Dell Laptops, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought an HP.

War Driving

I have been playing with my new toy a bit and have discovered the art of War Driving. I decided to lave my laptop on while scanning wireless connections (in Palmerson North) on the way home. I picked up a number of connections without any security measures – and this was only driving through the CBD. So, If anyone with a wireless laptop needs a free connection, go find one! I would list the location of these – If only I had a GPS to map the area. Ah well!

Stupid HP!!

Got a nice new laptop (dv1610tn) from a retail store – no problems except the backup software will not create the restore cd’s as stupid hp do not supply discs with the laptops anymore. So, after installing all my stuff into the laptop, and discovering the computer wouldn’t create the recovery disc set – and waiting on the hp support phone line for half and hour, I decided to try the online support team. More…This was a nightmare ! After working out that the support team were either a bunch of semi-smart monkeys, or 13 year old tecchie wanna bees i gave up on them also. So, in the end, I wasted about 7 hours of reinstalling software, debugging and troubleshooting myself (nothing really helped from HP) I decided to give up.

I decided that if there would be a fatal system crash I would send it to HP and let them deal with it then. The actual suggestion from HP was to send the laptop back (less than a day old) and they would re image the whole machine! And for those of you out there who might be interested, the issue was “PC Recovery Disc Creator” not being able to create the restore image (error 20), although after a HP noob suggested I delete the image file that the software uses (it may be corrupt etc…) the software doesn’t even try anymore. I GIVE UP YOU HP BASTARDS – ILL SEND YOU MY INVOICE FOR 7 HOURS OF WASTED TIME ON A BRAND NEW LAPTOP

Things Helping me Prepare for Japan

I’m following a few pod casts to try and level up my Japanese before leaving New Zealand. I’m particularly fond of “English Teaching In Japan” (Thanks Chaz) to get new teaching ideas and tips, and to help me with my Japanese, I keep up to date with “JapanesePod101” , great for beginners and intermediate learners of Japanese language and culture. There is also “Learn Japanese” which is also great, but isn’t updated as often as JapanesePod. All of these pod casts are available through iTunes.

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