Long Wait until us JET participants find out any more about where we will be going. Most of you will by now know the general area (one of my friends is going somewhere in Shikoku!, How’s that !) and are wanting to find out more about your location. Unfortunately, no-one really knows exactly when we will find out about final destination. Some people have only found out a week or two before they depart! Hopefully the news wont come that late. So in the mean time, I will attend the informal JET alumni meeting (this Sunday) to ask a few silly questions about Japan; such as “Will I find shoes that will fit me?” and “Is it better to take alot over, or buy it over there”. I will blog some of the questions and answers for those who might not be attending (alot of you) There will also be a compulsory JET meeting on the 9th next month, so I’m looking forward to getting a better insight into the JET programme. Till Next Time!