I have spent over two days playing around with OSX and managed to get it running on an external USB2 drive connected to my new laptop. Tiger is so much prettier than windows, but alas, as it wasn’t made for wintel machines not everything works. I did manage to get the on board sound, video, on board network and most things working. What do not work are the Intel Wireless, DVD Video, Microphone and on board Camera. I’m not complaining tho, it’s a great operating system. For those of who might be interested in doing the same, head over to osx86project (Google it) and have a look. 3 Months to go until I leave for Japan and I have yet to organize anything yet 🙂 . I will probably get around to contacting IRD regarding tax etc sometime next month after I find out where I will be working. Also as I have yet to hear back from jet about where I will be working, I haven’t been able to sort out my visa. All in due time.