MonthJune 2006

Up to Tauranga, Almost Stuck in the Snow!

Came up to Tauranga yesterday, was a great drive. Only problem was that I was silly enough to stop the car on the side of the desert road with the two front wheels deep in snow. Now, I drive a front wheel drive car, so after I stopped, I immediately thought ‘how the hell am I going to get out, its snow dammit, not gravel’. Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. After almost burning up my clutch (forgot to take the handbrake off – now that is stupid) and destroying the car (full rpm in reverse) I managed to rock the car back and forth to get it back onto the road.

Funny thing is many cars went past, but no-one helped out. That’s just sad. I would help someone if they were stuck in the snow. It’s just a nice thing to do. Shame on everyone who drove past!
Anyway, I filmed the mountain, and ill see what I can do about putting a clip up here when I get back home.

Ok, Time to write Something

Haven’t been able to write anything much recently, for reasons no-one would understand except me. So I thought I’d write an update on the progress with JET and so forth. I have finally heard from my predecessor, and I am happy to know my rent won’t be too much. Also, the Chiba City Board that I will be working for kindly provides all the real necessities, such as a TV, Fridge, Stove etc. I’m not too sure how big my room will be, but I have been told it’s a single room (6 tatami mats) and attached kitchen. So hopefully I won’t be too squashed.

I’m still holding on to the IRD forms I’m supposed to fill out, and have yet to send back my VISA application (Not the credit card VISA) So ill be getting onto those soon. Feels good to know you have a place to go to, and find out what you will need to bring. Turns out the JET I’m replacing has been to over 32 schools over three years, so it looks like I’m going to have many schools, rather than one or two.

Jet official Meeting / Da Vinci Code

I was going to write about the details of the JET participant meeting we had today in Wellington, but then I thought to myself – “Why would anyone need to know”, The fact is, if you are on JET you will have gone to the meeting, and if you aren’t on the JET programme – you don’t really need to know do you?

So I have decided to write a bit about how crap I thought the Da Vinci Code was. It was crap. That’s about it. If you are interested in the details though, the movie had several problems that made it not worth watching. For starters, anyone who knows a thing or two about religion (I’m a Christian, but I’m still trying to get a non-biased opinion in here) would notice the way religion was presented. I can’t remember exactly (wasn’t really focused) but there was misrepresentation of at least two different religions. But this wasn’t the biggest let down, as I found the storyline interesting until about half way through.

The movie was dragging along a bit, as we were reaching a point in the movie where something interesting should happen. You know the point – you can feel something exciting will change the plot and give you a satisfying surprise. This never came. Taking into consideration all aspects of the movie, I would have to pin the sole letdown of the movie was the disastrous ending.
This ending was more of a slow let down of sorts, where what everyone had expected would happen, happened. This made the ending nothing more than a finish – no excitement, no interesting twists, just a plain old happy ending. Not my kind of ending. As with all movies, you never know if you will like it until you watch it. So if you are semi-interested in religion and myth it might slightly entertain you, slightly. Check out some of the many movie review websites on the net if you want to know more. I felt I should say something good about the movie – I liked the first half, and the acting was good enough to prevent the movie from being a complete disaster.

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