Haven’t been able to write anything much recently, for reasons no-one would understand except me. So I thought I’d write an update on the progress with JET and so forth. I have finally heard from my predecessor, and I am happy to know my rent won’t be too much. Also, the Chiba City Board that I will be working for kindly provides all the real necessities, such as a TV, Fridge, Stove etc. I’m not too sure how big my room will be, but I have been told it’s a single room (6 tatami mats) and attached kitchen. So hopefully I won’t be too squashed.

I’m still holding on to the IRD forms I’m supposed to fill out, and have yet to send back my VISA application (Not the credit card VISA) So ill be getting onto those soon. Feels good to know you have a place to go to, and find out what you will need to bring. Turns out the JET I’m replacing has been to over 32 schools over three years, so it looks like I’m going to have many schools, rather than one or two.