Haven’t been bothered to update the blog recently, have been quite busy with the JET thing. Last month was boring until the pre-departure orientation and all that stuff. Been busy this month setting up my apartment and such (spent over 240,000 yen! that’s alot more than expected, but whatever, we get paid well). Start at my first school tomorrow (110 students).

Hopefully will have more time to blog on teaching and tips etc, but if you are thinking of joining the JET programme, you will be bombarded with ‘useful’ information all along the way until your first school visit. I feel i could open a small library with all the paper, sheets and books I’ve been handed over the last month or so.

Japan is Fun! I’m just wondering if i should save for a PS3 or a new computer, though a PS3 would be cheaper, I cant really do video editing or design. The PC I’m looking at setting up is going to be about 320,000 yen.