Sports day wasn’t too bad. Spend most of my time helping out setting up and cleaning up. I was the judge in the Tug of War competition (my team lost) which was quite interesting. There were many games, I have no idea what they were, but one involved a student running along the backs of the other students who would then move to the front again forming a kind of bridge.

I took part in the teachers relay team, but we didn’t win. Some of the students were really fast, and although I could have beaten them all (hahaha) I was running too fast, and when I passed on the baton, the teacher in front of me wasn’t going fast enough and fell to his feet.

My legs are still sore from that 100 meter dash (3 days ago). I should probably take it easy for the next few days and catch up on sleep, as after the sports day, the teachers and I went partying. sooo tired. Need sleep!

Here are some shots of the sports day.

Sports Day Shot One

Sports Day Shot Two