Few things have changed since the last update, changing to a new school is the major one. I now take a train and a bus to get to Kaizuka Junior High which is about a 40 minute trip each way. With about 600 students, the school is six times bigger than my first. The students are a lot more “active”, my first day at school a student had punched though a window pane, and destroyed a metal bucket. It’s also quite common to see students bullying each other and fighting in the school.

There is a benefit of being in such a school and that is I have yet to be bored. There are also many different clubs that I can attend. I also managed to commandeer an empty classroom to use for English lessons which makes things a bit easier.
The school is known as one of the main “bad” schools in Chiba, but its really not that terrible, apart from having one quarter of the class talking, another quarter sleeping and the other half semi listening to lessons. But its not up to me to make them learn, I’m just there for those who want to learn.

Had a school musical thing the other day where a orchestra came to play, It was my first time to see one live, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Few more activities coming up, ill see if I can snap some photos.