MonthNovember 2006

New Guitar! – 24,000 Yen

Bought a new acoustic guitar yesterday. I wanted to get a Yamaha, as the sound was the best out of all the mid priced guitars, but it was a little too expensive for me. I decided to go for a Aria AD-28 which sounds almost as good as the Yamaha but was a good deal cheaper and also came with a free semi-hard carrying case. I just need to wait until my fingers are hard now, because at the moment I’m finding it hard to play as my fingertips are quite raw.

Naughty Student!

Was teaching today and during the class there was this one kid that wouldn’t shut up. After a few interruptions the J.T.E asked him to quieten down, but he wasn’t having any of that. The language that came out of this kid was amazing! Luckily for me I know plenty of Japanese ‘swear’ words, so I understand what he was saying. It came as a shock that students could use this language in class – if it had been directed toward me I would have had a hard time restraining myself from beating the shit out of him.

After the verbal warfare between this student and the teacher, he was asked to leave. As he did, he decided to try and destroy the classroom door. Now, I just had to laugh secretly at this because apart from looking like a big cry baby, he didn’t damage the door. So either the classroom doors are strong (the thing bent as he was punching away, but no damage) or he is just really weak. What a drama queen!

Its payday!

Just made it, only had a couple thousand yen left. As usual I managed to get rid of 30,000 yen on random stuff. This time it was another gig of ram for my laptop (14,000), a desk lamp (5,800 – had 40% off) and a shelf for the storage room. Man, I gotta start paying off some stuff instead of buying more shit. Ah well, I’m allowed to cause my girlfriend has been away for so long, its helping me pass the time. Only a month more to go and then I can see her again! YAY! It will have been 1/3 of a year away from each other when she arrives. Oh the PAIN!

Teaching alone again!

Had two classes by myself again, kids are pretty damn noisy, but as they were second years they weren’t as bad as the third year lot I had by myself my first day at this school. Managed to pass the time playing the line game and my version of shiritori. Worked out quite well, cause playing games for an hour is more fun than reading from a book.

2500 Yen worth of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Got these at Costco, only been a few days since and I’m already getting though them pretty quick. Might look like a small jar from the pic, but its bigger than two rolls of toilet paper stacked together!

MSN Web Messenger On PS3 (Kinda)

Well, it logged in and displayed the relevant windows, but didn’t seem to get any further than that. Contacts wouldn’t display either. Ah well, might work after a few firmware revisions.

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