Ive been sick for a week (cold + bronchitis) and took my first sick day yesterday. Today the ichinen-sei had a field trip to Sakura and Narita, I tagged along and went to see some sights. First off was Sakura where we went to see some old houses, and the National Museum of Japanese History (Alot of interesting items inside!). After that we headed to Narita to look at some shrines and temples. I got shouted lunch (thanks kocho-sensei!) which was some chicken rice thing. After that, all the teachers got together to have their lunch and i got to eat again. This time I tried some eel. Now, I kinda liked the taste of eel, but I just cant handle eating bones, I feel like puking every time, making the nice taste of the eel less enjoyable. Check out more photos of the sights after the jump.

Pics from Sakura

Museum Entrance in Sakura Some Dude in the Museum.jpg Something in the Museum Something in the Museum 2

Temple Model

Pics from Narita

Entrance to Shrine Temple2 Temple My Lunch