DateWednesday, November 15, 2006

MSN Web Messenger On PS3 (Kinda)

Well, it logged in and displayed the relevant windows, but didn’t seem to get any further than that. Contacts wouldn’t display either. Ah well, might work after a few firmware revisions.

PS3 And Bluetooth Headset

Working fine, took a couple minutes to pair up and all was well. One big problem though, I haven’t figured how to connect the device to the PS3 after its been turned off and on again. Only way to use after restarting is to re-pair the device. Annoying!

Stupid Bus

Had a good sleep last night, but for some reason my phone alarm has not been working recently. Because of this I woke up late, and skipped breakfast. Got on the bus (The right one this time) and fell asleep. When I woke up, I heard the name of my stop, and before looking outside, jumped off the bus. This wasn’t a good idea.

I had gotten off at the wrong stop (The names are almost the same, my stop is kaizuka chugakkou iriguchi, and I got off at kaizuka) I then somehow managed to find my way walking to school, and was only five minutes late.


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