Was teaching today and during the class there was this one kid that wouldn’t shut up. After a few interruptions the J.T.E asked him to quieten down, but he wasn’t having any of that. The language that came out of this kid was amazing! Luckily for me I know plenty of Japanese ‘swear’ words, so I understand what he was saying. It came as a shock that students could use this language in class – if it had been directed toward me I would have had a hard time restraining myself from beating the shit out of him.

After the verbal warfare between this student and the teacher, he was asked to leave. As he did, he decided to try and destroy the classroom door. Now, I just had to laugh secretly at this because apart from looking like a big cry baby, he didn’t damage the door. So either the classroom doors are strong (the thing bent as he was punching away, but no damage) or he is just really weak. What a drama queen!