First in line!

I’m first in line outside Yamada denki in Chiba! Only 16 more hours to go. This particular store has five of each unit. The more expensive unit is priced at 59,980 yen. Ill keep posting as long as my phone battery lasts.

6:50pm update
The more expensive unit has gone up to 62,700 yen.

7:30pm Update
First people to arrive are a group of Chinese. Looks like no PS3 for the Japanese.

8:00pm Update
Chinese guys disappeared! All by myself again.

8:36pm Update
The Chinese are back but not in full force. I need to pee… damn

10:45pm Update
Four Japanese guys have joined the group to 8. Two spots left.

1:30am Update
9 people in line, battery on phone dying, last post of the night.

Oh, and heres a shot of me freezing my ass off



  1. good luck man, hope u get ur ps3

  2. Should have taken a cup 🙂 Don’t give up your spot though. It should be Midnight there now, so hopefully you got it. Happy Gaming!

  3. Was worth the wait, especially cause I know those Americans are gonne be in line alot longer 🙂

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