MonthDecember 2006

Motorstorm has NO Multiplayer at all!

Not content on not having online multiplayer, the motorstorm team have seem to have left out any multiplayer at all – so for all of you who were thinking about destroying each other, think again. Overall I think the game is good, not great, but my biggest problem is the insane loading times. There should have been the option to load the game data onto the hard drive, yet the only “settings” available are sound and controller. I think as this game lacks the ability to play other humans (for now) it will become rather boring – will have to wait and see.

On another note – Here is a kid at my school having fun cleaning the toilet! Just for a laugh I told him I would stick it on my blog so here he is. Oh, I gave him a black eye so his identity would remain secret – just like superman.

In the toilet!

Not long to go now!

Ive been waiting more than one hundred days for this! Only a few more days to go until I’m back to my normal self. Any ideas on how I should celebrate the day? Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about – its just the best day of the year for me and its not Christmas (Although thats pretty great too).

Heres a hint: “Ive been missing this smile”

Best Smile in the World!

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