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Been a while since Ive updated. Didn’t do much over the holiday break (28th to the 4th) but did spend a whole lot on traveling to the girlfriends house for new year. The new school is pretty good, not to big (about 370 students) and the students and teachers are a good bunch. Having the enkai tonight, so I’m not going be be getting up tomorrow. Ill probably post a couple pics of my new school later – when I’m really bored or can be bothered.

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  1. Hey, how s things.

    I just got told that Evan and his girlfriend Akane(forgot how to spell her name) are having a baby. They are now in Akane’s home in japan. I will give them a call sometime this week, just to see how they doing, and find out where they are at in Japen, maybe they are close to u.

    Sorry too much wow these days, haven’t got a chance to go on msn lol.

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