Running folding at home client now (Join kotaku group 55008). Console is making a weird sound though, like the old CRT monitors used to make. Hope it doesn’t explode. I like the background downloading, have upped a few vids to but they are waiting to be compressed or something. Will update later tonight.

Update: Hissing stopped after closing the folding at home client. Weird. Oh, and there are currently 2 Australian users folding. FYI 🙂 (I’m in Japan but a New Zealander)

Another funny thing, its been only about three or four hours and heres the stats for the first video I posted:

PS3 Background downloading.
Posted: 3/22/07 – DLs: 86,511

Alot of kotaku readers 🙂

PS3 Folding Client

Read more for vids of background downloading and some strange sound.

PS3 Background Downloading

PS3 Whine