After writing to the news website, about the obvious misrepresentation of the Playstation 3 console, I assumed it would only be a little while until they fixed the error of their ways. More than three months later, the problem still exists. Every time there is a Playstation Three related article they use the following image – nothing like the actual Playstation three unit at all.

While I frequently visit to keep up with the news, I’m becoming increasingly disappointed in the quality of their reporting. Along with vague headliners (“Technology helps doctors” Duh!, “Person burned in house fire” WOW that’s informative!, ), spelling mistakes and poorly written articles, never fails to disappoint me in some way during my near daily visits.

Which leads me to believe that they either have newbs writing all their online articles, or they have no quality control, or any system of checking an article before its posted online.

I understand that some of these articles are taken from various sources (Reuters etc) but that just makes things even worse – not only are you not writing up the article yourselves, but you are failing to check the consistency/validity/quality of the referenced article.

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