Haven’t made any posts for a while due to my domain name being renewed. Had a few problems sorting things out but now all seem to be working.

Almost finished at my current school, have a week and a half to go. I’m really going to miss this one – I think its the best Ive been at so far. The teachers are great and the kids have just enough energy to make things interesting. My bunch is the second year kids, the nosiest lot by far, but are allot of fun in class.

Not many updates on the Playstation front. I have recently downloaded Super Rub-a-dub-dub and Flow. Flow is a cool game, but all the gfx and lighting effects seem to make my eyes bleed after a while. Super Rub is ok, but not something that I’m really into. Still waiting for some decent games – shouldn’t be too far away now. Did however receive my free copy of the new bond movie on blue ray – glad I’m a New Zealander, I just had it mailed over here to me in NZ.

Recent spending spree netted me a new Nintendo DS with a kanji learning program, and a new electronic dictionary. An expensive month all up, totaling about 60,000 yen. Should be finally able to get around to studying kanji using some portable electronic gizmo – the only way to learn.

Thats that for now.