MonthJune 2007

Burning Crap

Heres a shot of the second year students preparing for a camping trip. It was a good opportunity for me to burn stuff – one of my favorite outdoor activities alongside blowing up stuff and shooting stuff. Most of the girls seemed to cook their rice well enough, but the guys mostly burnt theirs. Note to self – No matter what someone says, burnt rice will never taste good.

Not much in the way of news, but Summer Vacation is coming up. Next week ill rent that prirus again, and drive to Izu for a overnight stay in a hotel, the week following that bbq/drinking party with some mates, and the week after that the vacation starts. Next month is going to be busy.I would also like to rant about a certain teacher that did something – shall we say, uneducated – but ill leave it for another day, or until I’ve left this school.


Went to Harajuku last weekend to hang out with a mate from NZ. It sucks ass. Unless you are into clothing and fashion, you should never step foot in Harajuku. Its crammed tighter than a can of sardines with a fat man on top.

There was one place I found that was to my liking, but I cant remember the name. It apparently has Tokyo’s largest hamburger. Bit pricey – 1800yen, but it was pretty big. Wasn’t very nice, but certainly filled me up. Also made me crap bricks for a few days.

Also went to visit Tokyo Mid Town, somewhere in Tokyo. There were a few nice buildings, expensive shopping malls, TV broadcasting building (asahi) and a Kiwi Bar / Cafe. The last place matters most, I managed to get some of my favorite beef jerky, with some NZ beer (Tui) and listen to some Nz music. Beer was a bit expensive – Tui the cheapest at 650 yen – ouch!

Sports Day Again

Heres a shot of me playing tug of war at my last schools (hanamigawa daini) sports festival. I couldn’t stay the whole day so I missed out on some of the events – managed to score a free lunch though! My previous boss is also in the shot, see if you can guess who. Ill give you a hint, he/she is not holding a red flag.

Oh, our team (赤組) won – both rounds. Put my back out for a week though, neck was all wonky too. Nevermind.

Self Introductions / New School: Mitsuwa

Its not that I don’t like introducing myself, its just doing it 18 times in a row. Still, the new school isn’t the biggest in Chiba. My mate James had to do 27 classes. So on average, I reckon maybe 60-70 a year. Its slowly improving, but still super boring.

I wish the duration at each school would be longer, because its not only a drag for me, but the schools. For example, I’m the second alt in this academic year at Mitsuwa, meaning that approximately 36 classes have been used (this year) for A.L.T self introductions, followed by 72 classes used for the students self introductions (Assuming it takes two classes to prepare and present).

I’m only at this school for 6 weeks, around 30 academic days. On average three classes a day, thats 90 classes during my stay. Take out my self introduction (18) and the students self introductions (36) – thats only 54 actual classes, or about 9 each – and thats not including the last day.

Its not very efficient to have two A.L.T’s doing only 6 weeks each in a year. But thats the way the onigiri rolls. HA Super Lame!

Forgot to post this Up

I will probably be going to see the sports festival at Hanamigawa Daini tomorrow, but I wanted to stick up a picture of them practicing their human towers. This is a group of the second years, but the third years will be making a four layered tower – if they don’t kill each other.


今日から日本語をもっと勉強したい。 だから、新カテゴリつくた。だけど、毎日じゃありません。


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