Anyhoo, I just finished at my last school (Hanamigawadaini Junior High School), I’m gonna miss it alot. It was pretty cruisy compared to others, and the only crap thing was the hour commute to and from every day. Should really stick up some pictures, I have some of the students practicing making those human tower thingy’s for their upcoming sports day. I will probably go visit on Saturday and take some more pics. As usual, farewell gift from me was a Costco apple pie – ‘borrowed’ the idea from another A.L.T. Cheap as chips and is better than nothing.

Forgot to write about my credit cards last month. Turns out its not impossible to get them if you are a foreigner that has been in Japan less than a year. Funny thing is. I was applying for more than one at once, and after getting turned down for more than eight or so (managed to get 2000 yen for just applying for some) I got accepted. For three cards. So now I have three credit cards, and one E.T.C card.

For those of you who may be interested in applying, I went for the Keisei Card (UFJ), The J.R VIEW/SUICA (VIEW) and (Citicards). Also, in the duration of residence in Japan section I put down a year (not quite a lie as most forms don’t ask how many months, just years)

First month with my new cards and I went overboard, 100,000 yen in a week – gotta stick the breaks on for two months now, ah well, you only live one, and dead men pay no debts.