DateFriday, June 8, 2007

Self Introductions / New School: Mitsuwa

Its not that I don’t like introducing myself, its just doing it 18 times in a row. Still, the new school isn’t the biggest in Chiba. My mate James had to do 27 classes. So on average, I reckon maybe 60-70 a year. Its slowly improving, but still super boring.

I wish the duration at each school would be longer, because its not only a drag for me, but the schools. For example, I’m the second alt in this academic year at Mitsuwa, meaning that approximately 36 classes have been used (this year) for A.L.T self introductions, followed by 72 classes used for the students self introductions (Assuming it takes two classes to prepare and present).

I’m only at this school for 6 weeks, around 30 academic days. On average three classes a day, thats 90 classes during my stay. Take out my self introduction (18) and the students self introductions (36) – thats only 54 actual classes, or about 9 each – and thats not including the last day.

Its not very efficient to have two A.L.T’s doing only 6 weeks each in a year. But thats the way the onigiri rolls. HA Super Lame!

Forgot to post this Up

I will probably be going to see the sports festival at Hanamigawa Daini tomorrow, but I wanted to stick up a picture of them practicing their human towers. This is a group of the second years, but the third years will be making a four layered tower – if they don’t kill each other.

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