Went to Harajuku last weekend to hang out with a mate from NZ. It sucks ass. Unless you are into clothing and fashion, you should never step foot in Harajuku. Its crammed tighter than a can of sardines with a fat man on top.

There was one place I found that was to my liking, but I cant remember the name. It apparently has Tokyo’s largest hamburger. Bit pricey – 1800yen, but it was pretty big. Wasn’t very nice, but certainly filled me up. Also made me crap bricks for a few days.

Also went to visit Tokyo Mid Town, somewhere in Tokyo. There were a few nice buildings, expensive shopping malls, TV broadcasting building (asahi) and a Kiwi Bar / Cafe. The last place matters most, I managed to get some of my favorite beef jerky, with some NZ beer (Tui) and listen to some Nz music. Beer was a bit expensive – Tui the cheapest at 650 yen – ouch!