MonthAugust 2007

Is this for reals?

I nabbed this from

Deepz0ne is a very well known cracker. Read below for history:

Microsoft have been bust yet again. They have been using a cracked version of Sound Forge to create files that are inside the Windows Tour folder.

These files have been made with Sound Forge 4.5 (The cracked version) first cracked by a cracker called “Deepz0ne”.

Deepz0ne was one of the founders of the cracking group “Radium” and cracked the first ever Sound Forge 4.5, for illegal, pirate use.

It seems that Microsoft have got the pirate copy, and just made the files on that.

How do I fnd this you ask? Do the following:

Click “My Computer”
Double click the C:/ Drive (Local Disk)
Double click the “WINDOWS” folder
Double click the “Help” folder
Double click the “Tours” folder
Double click the “WindowsMediaPlayer& quot; folder
Double click the “Audio” folder

You will then be presented with WAV files. Right click any one of these, and open it with NotePad. Scroll right to the bottom and you should see this:

“2000-04-06 IENG Deepz0ne ISFT Sound Forge 4.5” The first 4 digits may alter, but everything else stays the same.

As you can clearly see, Deepz0ne’s cracked SoundForge was used to create these files, which is illegal. Also considering microsoft is against it…

Look it up on your PC, you will see how much Microsoft are liars, and also fakes.

Do you know Deepz0ne at all Microsoft? No? Thought not…

Im actually doing it!

First time ever using my laptop while on the toilet! My stomach has been acting up, must have been that random 4pm McDonald’s lunch (missed breakfast and lunch) Bit cramped in here – and oh the smell, but pretty productive if you ask me. First time blogging from the toilet too. Not much going on around in here, so ill update you with what’s happening.

Spent the summer doing nothing much, went to Izu prefecture to go visit hot springs, went to Tateyama to climb a mountain and drank alot with James’s mates. Bought a couple new PS3 games (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Vegas and Ghost Recon Advanced War fighter 2) been playing Bioshock and that about sums it up.

Summers almost finished, so I will be driving up to FujiQ Highlands on Friday with some of the alt’s and staying the night – full two days of riding roller coasters and such. This will be my first visit to an actual roller coaster park, New Zealand has one, but I wouldn’t really call it a roller coaster, it’s very small.

New school coming next week – going to be a long visit this time, all the way to December. Going to be interesting as I will be taking around three weeks off to go visit and New Zealand for my sisters and fathers birthday. Still wondering what I should get my father for his birthday, I’m thinking along the lines of a nice knife or something.

I think I’ve finished in here – almost destroyed my girlfriends toilet. Everyone is always telling me to watch what I eat, now I know why (Oh the pain!)

Arrgh! Beans!





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