Fuji Q Highland

Went to FujiQ Highland last week with a bunch of other A.L.Ts. It was my first time to visit a real roller coaster park. All up, there were about three large coasters; Fujiyama (Up to 80m and straight down), Don Don Pa! (Shoots you off at about 170kmh in 2 seconds – note that you will go crazy while waiting) and Eejyanaika (Great ride, weird seats and straight down views). We arrived at about 1.30pm on Friday (Three or so hour drive from Chiba) and managed to ride a decent amount of attractions. We got a two day pass (7900 yen). Riding Fujiyama at night is great, it has funky lighting. I might upload some of the shots of me on the coasters when I get a scanner. I almost lost my voice the first time I went on Fujiyama – second time around was alot less freaky and much more fun.

We finished around 8pm (the first day) and headed out to our accommodation. I would fully recommend this place to anyone that needs some place to sleep in the area. Its really new, nice showers, next to an onsen, has a wicked big tv, free Internet, nice kitchen and great people running the place. Its called K’s House Mt. Fuji (we paid 2500yen each) check out http://www.itcj.jp/hdb/419024.html for details

All in all it was a great holiday. Minus the stiff back and neck (thanks to that stupid Panic Clock and Moon Raker).

I was looking at the weather forecast today, might be in for a big typhoon (35mps winds) should be interesting tomorrow. Hope I can get home as they may stop the trains.

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  1. The rides I found just average but overall a nice place to spend an afternoon. Fuji Q have pretty fun TV commercials too http://www.japansugoi.com/wordpress/fuji-q-highland-tvcm/

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