Ok, I’ve had four bottles of wine on the flight and so far so good. Its only an eight and a half hour flight from Narita to Brisbane so I shouldn’t get deep veign thrombirisitinsnmnsnsass or whatever its called. I plan on spending the time using the laptop I’m blogging on until its dead, drinking some more, and then hopefully going to sleep. Why am I heading to Brisbane you ask? Well, I managed to steal some days away from work (Paid holiday but during school term) to celebrate my sisters 21st birthday in Australia, and then my fathers birthday in New Zealand.

Its going to be great catching up with everyone back home. Hopefully the bank account can hold out until I’m back in Japan. Oh, one more thing, this plane is crazy old. It still has ashtrays, and tube televisions. I don’t even have my own screen and I feel like a sardine in this stupid seat. You would think that an airline like JAL/Quantas would be using a newer plane. They did the last time I travelled. Oh well, at lease it hasn’t crashed yet.