Ok, this is a diary entry written by one of my students. I’m wondering if this student actually worked this out all by themselves or used a translator. I’m thinking the latter. Here it is:

I Love Tabletennis

It is finally the entirety. I cancel it in a typhoon yesterday… All and time to spend on 1st. I love clube. A breakthrough safe as for the paire of me and Matuda! After all I took my ease and I ate it and thought it to love true club activities in all and time to spend! It was good that practice with all one week again because I was win!

Now I kind of understand what they are trying to say, but how in the world would you end up with a sentence structure like that? Still, its not the funniest diary I’ve marked so far. One of my favourites – “I’m a cannon, its a tennis racquet” – for a diary entry.