I wanted to start eating healthy in the morning, and I should really emphasize wanted too. After grabbing some fruit – probably the first time I’ve actually bought real fruit in Japan I realized that it wasn’t going to work out.

I purchased three apples and two pears. The total cost you ask? About $13 or 1300 yen. They were pretty big, but nowhere near worth that much. At that price, I could have bought about three bags of apples and two bags of pears in New Zealand.

That’s not the only thing. My stomach revolted against this sudden ingestion of healthy food and I felt crap all morning – and hungry. So back to the Nutella on toast for me, until I find a cheaper place to get nice fruit.

It kind of sucks because I know I’m putting on weight (thanks to all the all you can drink places around here) but I’m way too lazy to put any additional effort (other than walking to and from school every day – about an hour) into loosing weight. The only other method is eating healthier, and healthy food is just so much more expensive than eating out, even at nice places.

Oh well. So much for staying healthy. I could always try to eat more fish. Or not.