MonthOctober 2007

New Servers. Dell Poweredge.

I have recently purchased two Dell servers (via Yahoo Auctions Japan). I have a Poweredge 650 and a Poweredge 850. I have set the 650 up as a router (I know, complete overkill) running pfsense – a great free firewall system that supports a huge variety of hardware. I tried some other firewall systems, but none would detect the raid card, so I really had no choice.

To go into a bit more detail regarding the ‘overkill’ – The system (650) is running a 2.4ghz Pentium 4, with a gig a ram and four gigabytes of raid0 hard drive space. The system is usually running with about 4% cpu and 12% memory usage, but I’ve had it jump up to 60% sometimes. Now I wont have a problem with the router dying with all that P2P traffic over my fiber (100mbps) connection.

The other server (850) I have setup as a domain controller / mail server / web server (apahce) with the usuals PHP, MYSQL and so on. It is currently running this website. Only problem is I haven’t (as of yet) setup a backup routine. So if this dies, I’m going to be very sad. Its currently running a dual core 3ghz Pentium 4 with two gigs of ram and around 40gb of hard drive space.

The overall cost was very reasonable. The 650 set me back about 10,500 yen ($100) and the 850 was around 16,000 yen ($150) . Only problem was that I was orignally trying to build the servers myself. I had picked up a 650 and 850 server chassis for about 2000 yen ($20) and ordered the motherboard and other parts from the US.

The cost of the motherboard and backplane board cost more than buying the whole second hand 850. So now I have alot of unused second hand parts for the servers. If you are interested in purchasing them (in Japan) pop me an email.

Wellington Airport!

Free wireless. Yay Wellington! Only an hour to go until I’m on my way back to Japan. To get there I have to head to Brisbane, jump on a plane which stops over in Cairns, then finally on to Narita. Haven’t had any sleep yet, hopefully I will be able to sleep on the plane to Narita. I am feeling sick, and probably have bronchitis again. Stiff neck, brutal cough and phlegm (such a weird word that) that stinks worse than a monkey’s ass. Stink for me.

I would upload a photo of me, but Microsoft didn’t want to make getting photos from the webcam easy. For the life of me, I cant find how to capture still shots from the webcam. Boo Vista!

Update: I used HP’s software instead.

Last day in New Zealand

Today is the last day I have in New Zealand before heading back home to Japan. I have received my new laptop, and all is well except the integrated microphones. I have seen many people have similar problems with HP laptops and the high definition audio. HP support wasn’t any help, they suggested that they send round a technician to look at the problem. Thing is, if its a driver issue I don’t mind as that can usually be fixed eventually. If it is a hardware issue, thats another story. So when I get back to Japan, I’m going to get another hard drive and install another operating system to see if the issue is still there. Hopefully it isn’t and its just a problem with vista or the drivers.

Noel Leeming

Sucks ass. At least when it comes to delivery. This is the second time this has happened. I ordered a new laptop on Monday and was told that it would be put on express from Palmerston North and should take a maximum of 2 working days. Fair enough, the order was placed late on the Monday, so that would about the time it takes for a courier to get something from Palmerston North to Levin (only a 40 minute drive).

I called in today looking forward to seeing my brand new laptop, but find that it hast even been fucking ordered yet. What kind of shit ass company sells something, says it will be delievered, and then dosent even bother ordering the product? I have been up to Palmerston twice in the last week, I could have picked the laptop up, but I was foolish and expected Noel Leeming to do what they said they would. Now I have to wait until Friday (another two fucking days) where I will have about 4 hours to see if there are any problems, before packing and preparing to leave the country. I am going to be so pissed if there is something is wrong, because I have no time to wait for repairs or replacements.

I did mention this was the second time. The last time happened when I was ordering my previous laptop. Which got stolen. In Australia. Still pissed about that.

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