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How to protect yourself at school.

Some of you in Japan may have seen these before. This is a scan of the school resource product catalog. Most of the schools I have been to have at least two of the pole things lying around. Haven’t seen the shield at school tho.

Self Defense Pole

The Shield

Dropbox Beta Code

I was scrounging around on the net to find a beta code of this super wicked awesome file synchronisation software Dropbox and I found one!

Hopefully it will keep working for a while, but be quick. Currently an allowance of 2 gigabytes.

Dropbox Beta Code: webware
Get it here

And make sure to invite all your friends too!

Oh and thanks to mbegin ( for the code!

*UPDATE* – The code has now expired.

School Health Checks

Some of the health checks that the kids go through at school here are crazy. Last year I watched them get probed in the ear, nose examined, tounge scraped and blood taken. This year, they all need to pee in a cup! What the hell? I don’t remember doing anything like this at my school. I asked the girlfriend, she said they all had to dump in a cup also when she went to school.

So, so wrong.

What is this then?

I didn’t bother to read the Japanese; I think the picture speaks for itself 🙂

Boob Line

Just where is he looking?

New School – Amado Junior High School

I have moved on to my next school, Amado Junior High. The kids here are amazing. During the assembly on Monday (my intro speech and some other stuff for the new first years) not one of them made a peep. I could actually hear my heart beating they were so quiet. It kind of freaked me out; this is probably the first school I have been to where an assembly took place without incident.

It’s not only the assemblies that are like this either. I went to see a P.E class and noticed that they were all warming up instead of pissing about before the teacher arrived. It’s a strange feeling, I don’t know if they are actually doing this because it makes sense (more time to enjoy P.E class I guess) or if they have been brainwashed or something. It’s hard to tell if I am going to enjoy this school more than some of the naughtier ones but it is certainly going to be easier teaching them English.

The one thing that sucks about being here is that I have to take the same damned bus that I took when I was visiting Hanamigawadaini. I have to get up just after six, leave at around 6:45, take a bus and train to school and arrive around 7:45 – 15 minutes too early. Still, I guess it’s not a bad habit to get into, even If it’s only going to last around 6 weeks.

Self Intro Progress: 4 down, 9 to go.

Google Browser Sync

Finally a program that will sync my Firefox settings across computers. I have been waiting so long for a program like this. It will synchronize and encrypt your cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks, history and tabs/windows. Unfortunately it will not synchronize your plugins/addons.

Grab it now from:

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