DateThursday, April 24, 2008

Dropbox Beta Code

I was scrounging around on the net to find a beta code of this super wicked awesome file synchronisation software Dropbox and I found one!

Hopefully it will keep working for a while, but be quick. Currently an allowance of 2 gigabytes.

Dropbox Beta Code: webware
Get it here

And make sure to invite all your friends too!

Oh and thanks to mbegin ( for the code!

*UPDATE* – The code has now expired.

School Health Checks

Some of the health checks that the kids go through at school here are crazy. Last year I watched them get probed in the ear, nose examined, tounge scraped and blood taken. This year, they all need to pee in a cup! What the hell? I don’t remember doing anything like this at my school. I asked the girlfriend, she said they all had to dump in a cup also when she went to school.

So, so wrong.

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