I have moved on to my next school, Amado Junior High. The kids here are amazing. During the assembly on Monday (my intro speech and some other stuff for the new first years) not one of them made a peep. I could actually hear my heart beating they were so quiet. It kind of freaked me out; this is probably the first school I have been to where an assembly took place without incident.

It’s not only the assemblies that are like this either. I went to see a P.E class and noticed that they were all warming up instead of pissing about before the teacher arrived. It’s a strange feeling, I don’t know if they are actually doing this because it makes sense (more time to enjoy P.E class I guess) or if they have been brainwashed or something. It’s hard to tell if I am going to enjoy this school more than some of the naughtier ones but it is certainly going to be easier teaching them English.

The one thing that sucks about being here is that I have to take the same damned bus that I took when I was visiting Hanamigawadaini. I have to get up just after six, leave at around 6:45, take a bus and train to school and arrive around 7:45 – 15 minutes too early. Still, I guess it’s not a bad habit to get into, even If it’s only going to last around 6 weeks.

Self Intro Progress: 4 down, 9 to go.