MonthMay 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I know its a bit sneaky taking pictures of random people on the train, but I just couldn’t resist. Funny thing is, every time the train stopped, her head would return to a normal position, yet she was still asleep. When the train started moving again, her head would fall backwards. There were some high school girls having a big laugh about it too.

A lady sleeping on the train in Japan

RROD in Yodobashi

Found this at the local yodobashi. Seems like its still an issue – and the reason I have yet to get a xbox in Japan. I think they haven’t bothered ‘repairing’ the mountains of stock I assume they have for Japan.

In Yodobashi

I have Sinusitis. Drugs in Japan are crazy!

Ok, this isnt the first time I have been surprised with the amount pills I have been subscribed, but I think this most I have ever had to take. One bunch is for five days, the other for ten. I have no idea what they are, just that they should fix my problem.

Pills in Japan

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