Possibly the first of many to come as I spend more and more time in Japan.

So here it is:

I think I’m turning Japanese because: I was riding my bike home after buying dinner at the convini (dinner = 2 onigiri and some sushi) and passed by a Yakinikuyasan. The smell was wonderful. All I could think about was why the hell I was eating convini food when I live so close to a decent meal.

Reasons this is Japanese.

Riding the bike home. Not a BMX or mountain bike, I ride the boring yet surprisingly useful chari. If I were to use this bike anywhere in New Zealand, I would probably be beaten to death with it.

Eating onigiri and sushi from the convini. I don’t know of any other countries (only been to 5 or so) where you can buy a full, microwaveable meal containing almost anything. Nikuman FTW.

The Yakinikuyasan. I don’t know if other countries have something similar. Possibly a steak house would come close, but nothing beats good old yakiniku. Yes, I know its kind of Korean – whatever.

Finally, the reason I was not eating at the Yakinikuyasan. It’s very common to go out to eat with workmates and friends in Japan. There have been weeks where I haven’t eaten a meal at home – as I was eating out every day. The all famous Izakaya is the best place to eat out, but as I was by myself, I felt uncomfortable eating out alone.