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The summer is finally over. The days are getting cooler. School has begun. I didn’t really get up to much over the summer holidays as my credit card bill is equal to my pay check this month. I have got to start pinching pennies and save for the wedding.

School started yesterday. Looks like I have another great school. There are around 550 students, which works out to around 15 classes. The school won the Chiba prefecture kendo competition, and won bronze for the Kanto region. They are also very good at track and field, and there is also one girl that won something for surfing. Unfortunately for me they don’t have a badminton or tennis club, so I will have to make do with soccer and volleyball.

The teachers all seem nice (So far) and there are a few around my age (or they just look young) – so hopefully we will have a few things in common.

Self Introductions start today. Luckily I have a double stay so I don’t mind too much. I made sure to commandeer the computer room because it’s much easier to present in, and it has air conditioning 😉

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  1. that’s good to know your new school seems nice.!!

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