Japanese Grammar – Causative Passive

Wow, this one is a doosie. Here’s how it goes.

First we have Causative;

“Juri made me eat the cake”

Then we have Passive

“I ate the cake”

And finally Causative Passive

“I was forced/made to eat cake” (By someone or something)

So here are some examples. Keep an eye on the types of verbs.

私はいっしょに行かされた。 行く -> 行か+された
I was forced to go (somewhere with someone)

いかを食べさせられた。 食べる -> 食べ+させられた
I was forced to eat squid.

ベール10本を飲まさせられた。 飲む -> 飲ま+させられた
I was forced to drink 10 beers.

車を運転させられた。 運転する -> 運転させられた。
I was forced to drive (the car)

Let me know if I got something wrong. Note to self: write these in Japanese, “Forced to come”, “Forced to break (a contract).”


  1. Тема ну просто пиздец.
    Неужели ничего поактуальней не нашлось?

  2. クリスーお元気ですかぁ?

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