MonthJanuary 2009

Google gone mental.

Something seems to be up with Google. All results have been tagged as unsafe (Malware warning) by Google and users are warned not to visit the websites.

Wikipedia Malware

Clicking on the “Safe Browsing diagnostic page” link gave me a 502 server error page with the old Google logo font.

New School – Sannou Junior High

Started at Sannou JHS Tuesday last week. Still have a few self introductions to do. I really don’t have a problem introducing myself, yet doing it fifteen times over a week and a half is just a pain in the ass. Still, I am getting paid so who am I to complain right?

From my house, Sannou is probably the second furthest school I have been to, the first being Tokeminami. I take the train from Honchiba to Nishichiba (I could bike it but it’s too cold and I am lazy) then grab the bus from Nishichiba Station. It’s a 35-40 minute bus ride and then a five minute walk.

There are 16 classes with around 35 students in each class. The kids seem nice so far, with the third year students the most ‘active’ – most likely due to the fact they will be graduating soon. Luckily they have badminton, tennis and volleyball clubs, sports which I can play without looking like a complete noob.

Only six more months to go until the end of my English teaching career (probably)

Sannou Junior High School

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