MonthFebruary 2009

The Cake

The wonderful students of 3年2組 made me some cake! Tasted good 🙂

Only problem is, now that they are preparing for graduation – I don’t get to teach them anymore. I only had three classes with them too 🙁

Some Cake

Mount Racey – Yuubari, Hokkaido.

Went again this year to Mt. Racey in Hokkaido. The package tour this year was more expensive than last year, but we did get an extra day to spend in Sapporo. Total cost was around 67,000 yen each, which covered airfare, hotel accommodation and some discounts – no food included in the package like last year.

The weather wasn’t as good as it could have been on the first day, but was much better on the second and third. I also took up our new video camera and (very carefully) took some clips of the mountain.

Didn’t get much jumping in this time around even though there was more snow. We also managed to visit the snow festival in Sapporo at night time which was nice. The same day we headed back to Chiba, we also visited the Sapporo beer museum and learnt a little about the history of beer in Japan.

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