MonthMarch 2009

Oh the shame!

Found this posted on a convini shop wall. For those of you who can’t read the Kanji (缶), its ‘Kan’ – as in Can.


What a Waste

Typical Amazon delivery. More spam than book in the box. At least it arrived on time.

Farewell to the Third Years: Dance

The second year students made a play for the graduating third years. I’m not too sure what it was about, but this is the dancing portion.

Typical School Lunch.

Not one of the better days. Although I did enjoy the fruit (can’t remember what it was called.)

School Lunch

Vista Service Pack 2 Release Candidate 2

Finally bluetooth is working. After downloading SP2RC2 and waiting around 40 mins for an install and one reboot later, bluetooth works!

I am using a stereo sony bluetooth receiver and all the functions work, Play, Stop, Forward etc.

I also didn’t come across any issues with missing drivers like some others.

Although the uninstall will be a pain when the official SP2 is released (you need to uninstall RC2 to install the official SP2) if you are in need of working bluetooth devices I would recommend installing this ASAP.

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