For those of you who are A.L.T’s – you know how sometimes the kids ask you how the class went (今日の評価は?) and what to bring next time e.t.c? For a couple of my classes, I joke around and ask them to bring things like cake and gifts for me (as a joke!) – but one of my students said she would make a cake and wanted to know what cake I wanted.

Naturally I asked for the only cake I have never found in Japan (It’s also my favorite) – carrot cake. Of course, she had never heard of it so it was up to me to find a recipe, of which did not seem to exist in Japanese. So my only option left was to translate one for her.

Let me tell you how much of a pain it is translating a recipe into Japanese – especially from an American recipe (stupid Imperial system). Most of the ingredients do not translate directly into Japanese and others are not readily available (i.e pecan nuts). Then there are the directions – something as simple as “Let the cake sit until cool, then turn over onto a cake rack” in Japanese becomes impossible to directly translate.

Anyhoo, with the help of the other teachers at school, I was able to complete the recipe and give it to Non-Chan (her nickname) in anticipation of eating a cake I haven’t had for three years.
Luckily she managed to bake the cake and have it ready on the last day of school (For me). It was just as I remembered, my favorite being the icing – sooo gooood. So below I present to you the cake, and the translated recipe. Feel free to distribute it in any way you want – unless you intend to make money from it, in which case – give me some too!

Carrot Cake

The Reciepe : 人参ケーキ