New School – Takasudaiichi

The last and final visit for my term as a J.E.T A.L.T. Only three weeks this time (only about 3 visits for each class) as I will be off for the wedding, trip to New Zealand, Paperwork with name changes and visa status, and moving into a new apartment.

Finally I get a school within biking distance and it’s bloody summer. Still, might be one last chance to try and loose some weight before the wedding.

First impressions. There are 15 classes. Self-introductions once again! The first years are a fairly rowdy bunch but seem nice enough to be quiet when you need them to. The third year class I had today (which I was told was the nicest of the lot) wouldn’t shut up for the entire class and are a pain to teach. Haven’t had a second year class yet but have been told they are a nice bunch.

The Principal is very kind and I also know three of the teachers from previous schools. They seem like a nice enough bunch.

Another sports day this Saturday too!


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