Powerbook G4 12″ Touch Tablet

Finally finished this project. Was worth the wait for a custom cover – looks much better than any home made case I would have come up with. Details are on the project can be viewed here


  1. Hello Chris,

    Sorry to post this on your site, but it seems I have the same name (first/last) as someone who seems to have posted some controversial stuff on your blog. Not that I much care otherwise, but my name in Google is bringing up his comments on your blog as a search result and I’m frankly worried that potential employers/schools I’m applying to will confuse this person – and worse his comments – with me.

    So if you could, I was hoping you could maybe erase the guy’s last name on his comments. That way my name won’t come up connected with his in Google search results.

    Thanks and all the best to you.

    Usman Makhdoom

  2. Which posts did he comment on?

  3. Do you draw or do any animation with this? I am wondering how well the screen works in comparison to any Wacom products.



  4. Couldn’t work out why, but the screen doesn’t track the mouse continuously. Could be the drivers or the panel itself. I cant try anything else with it because the ATA controller died on me 🙁

  5. Hi Chris,

    Where were you finally able to get a modified case? I have a Powerbook 15″ G4 that I want to convert into a tablet but can’t find anyone to do it. Modbook has started only servicing Macbook’s and Pro’s.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


  6. I had just a cover custom made. The base of the laptop is all intact, minus me removing one usb port and soldering the touch panel directly to the motherboard.

    Unfortunatly, the IDE controller on the motherboard gave up a few months ago, and I have been unable to fit it. A replacement would entail the entire motherboard, so I just have it lying around doing nothing 🙁

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