Sharp Netbook Mini LCD Mouse Pad Thingy.

Found these in the local Yodobashi. Looks like a blend of touchscreen technologies, probably resistive and capacitive. You need the pen to control whats on the screen, and when you use your finger – you move the mouse.


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  3. Hi Chris,

    Like the two people above, I came across your site doing a google search, specifically for “powerbook g4 tablet”. I’m probably one of the few people remaining who hasn’t upgraded to an Intel based mac and I still use an old fashioned Powerbook G4 12 inch.

    I was fascinated by your tablet conversion and was wondering if you offer tablet conversion services? Or was this just a project you did for fun? BTW, I was an English teacher in Shanghai, China for three years. So I can relate to the teaching in Asia thing. Great blog!

    Have a great day!



  4. Hey Cliff, it was a one off project but I always like to tinker around with things. Unfortunately the IDE controller died about a month after I finished the project.What did you have in mind?

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