The Windows 7 Burger from Burger King

Went to Akihabara again today. Turns out they are still selling the Windows 7 burger. Initially they were only going to sell it for seven days.

The Windows 7 Whopper is basically a Whopper with seven pieces of meat. It wasn’t much of a challenge for me, as I have no problem with my usual order of a Double Whopper and two Double BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers. Surprisingly however, there were at least three other Japanese people eating the burger. One small girl had eaten about a quarter, and seemed to be writing about it in her notebook.
The other two had divided it into two and were eating it with a knife and fork.

Other than the fact that it is the Windows 7 Whopper with seven pieces of meat, there is nothing special about this burger.

Forgive me for the quality of the video. My wife does not know how to set the video quality on her phone.


  1. you don’t need to say that video quality was my fault!
    i suppose they are happy because they can’t see inside of your mouth thought.

  2. Great stuff my friend! Love reading stuff about this.

  3. I’m pretty much impressed with the stability of Windows 7. It is better than windows Vista which hogs my memory and cpu.’.’

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