If you are running a 64bit Windows 7 system – I highly recommend against buying Civilization 5 – at least for now. When the game first came out, all was well. Yet, some way into the game it just died. Straight to desktop. Some have linked this with capturing ‘too many’ cities. I confirmed this for myself, and yes – upon capturing one too many cities, the game would crash.

Fair enough I thought, wait for the first patch to fix it. So, I stopped playing for three weeks. Yet, today after downloading the update and attempting to load my savegame I am now presented with this bullshit:

What the hell?? I cannot even load the savegame anymore. I cannot be bothered contacting support – I have tried to once before with no luck, not even a reply. I should be getting on the phone with PayPal or my credit-card company and telling them to reverse the payment as I have been supplied with a product that does not run. Running the game in directx 9 mode still causes the same problem.

Guess who isn’t going to legally purchase the next Civilization game?

Anyway, that’s the end of my rant. Guess ill have to wait another month (or who knows how long) for the next patch and hope that the game will work.