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So, the time has come to leave Japan. I really planned on staying here a long time but – due to a certain opportunity and various other ‘things’ we have begun to leave Japan. I am really going to miss living here, especially the gigabit unlimited fibre internet. I will also miss Amazon Japan – same day delivery is awesome. Alas, these are just trivial matters but I will miss them none-the-less.

So – we are selling everything. I have a list of stuff here: If there is something not on the list, and you think it should be – it probably is. I buy a lot of stuff I don’t really need, but is nice to have.

I will be writing up another page on what we are doing to prepare for our move to Australia. You may find it useful if you find yourself in the same situation. You can check it here:

Oh, I am also selling the car. It is a shame that it would cost ~$6000 to have it shipped to Australia. We cannot afford this and so must sell. Even though I was told the car “holds its value”, the most I have been offered by car companies is 1500000 yen. This is pretty sad considering its only a year and a half old, has less than 20,000km on it and cost us initially 2800000. Still, without sacrifice there can be no progress 🙂



  1. Hi,
    I’m a half Japanese dude from Brazil and lived in Japan for the last 13 years. Married an Australian girl who was born in England and now we live in Brisbane since february and I have doubts about when we got married last year, cause all I’got was the Konintodoke, but they didn’t give me that last document that you posted in another post. (the Konintodokejurishoumeishou). And it’s been so long since that I don’t really remember what the city hall staff told me, and only remember that they told me to go to the brazilian consulate, register my marriage there and then come back. And I don’t remember why. Did you get the Jurishoumeishou in the same day?
    Best regards.

  2. I think that was mailed to us. I will check with my wife. We needed it because we were having an official wedding ceremony in Fiji and they wouldn’t do it without a marriage certificate 🙂

  3. Thanks man… I actually hired an office in Japan to deal with that in may behalf and they sent me a copy of it and will be mailling me the original soon… I really don’t remember what happened at the wedding day, lol… I think that they need a few days to edit and print the Jurishoumeishou and that might be the reason they didn’t give us in the same day…


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