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New School – Konakadai Junior High

Moved into the new school on Monday. Seems good so far. There are around 680 students, or 19 classes. Going to be a boring two weeks of self introductions. The trip here is a lot less painful than the previous school, its 2 minutes on the train to Chiba (from Honchiba) a 4 minute wait for another train to Inage (about 5 minutes). From Inage its around a 7 minute bus trip and a 2 minute walk. I can finally wake up at a semi reasonable hour (6.40).


Hello everybody, my name is James. I am a 25 year old English English teacher living in Chiba city, Japan. I will be occasionally posting on me, my news for people at home in Ruislip, rants, raves, and musings. There will also be reviews of restaurants and eating establishments in and around Chiba city, Japan. Comments and queries always welcome!

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