New School – Takasudaiichi

The last and final visit for my term as a J.E.T A.L.T. Only three weeks this time (only about 3 visits for each class) as I will be off for the wedding, trip to New Zealand, Paperwork with name changes and visa status, and moving into a new apartment.

Finally I get a school within biking distance and it’s bloody summer. Still, might be one last chance to try and loose some weight before the wedding.

First impressions. There are 15 classes. Self-introductions once again! The first years are a fairly rowdy bunch but seem nice enough to be quiet when you need them to. The third year class I had today (which I was told was the nicest of the lot) wouldn’t shut up for the entire class and are a pain to teach. Haven’t had a second year class yet but have been told they are a nice bunch.

The Principal is very kind and I also know three of the teachers from previous schools. They seem like a nice enough bunch.

Another sports day this Saturday too!

New School – Konakadai Junior High

Moved into the new school on Monday. Seems good so far. There are around 680 students, or 19 classes. Going to be a boring two weeks of self introductions. The trip here is a lot less painful than the previous school, its 2 minutes on the train to Chiba (from Honchiba) a 4 minute wait for another train to Inage (about 5 minutes). From Inage its around a 7 minute bus trip and a 2 minute walk. I can finally wake up at a semi reasonable hour (6.40).

New School – Tokeminami Junior High School

Too late! I should have written about this ages ago. Its not really the new school for me any more now that I have been here since school started again after the summer break. Its quite a new school, but the trip in the morning is horrible. Its almost a full hour to get to school, and there is only one train I can take in the morning, and then another 20 minute walk.

The students are / have been great and I am looking forward to the time I have left. The teachers here are really nice and seem to get along with the students well too. The English level is also fairly high. Makes my job easier 🙂

Burning Crap

Heres a shot of the second year students preparing for a camping trip. It was a good opportunity for me to burn stuff – one of my favorite outdoor activities alongside blowing up stuff and shooting stuff. Most of the girls seemed to cook their rice well enough, but the guys mostly burnt theirs. Note to self – No matter what someone says, burnt rice will never taste good.

Not much in the way of news, but Summer Vacation is coming up. Next week ill rent that prirus again, and drive to Izu for a overnight stay in a hotel, the week following that bbq/drinking party with some mates, and the week after that the vacation starts. Next month is going to be busy.I would also like to rant about a certain teacher that did something – shall we say, uneducated – but ill leave it for another day, or until I’ve left this school.

Self Introductions / New School: Mitsuwa

Its not that I don’t like introducing myself, its just doing it 18 times in a row. Still, the new school isn’t the biggest in Chiba. My mate James had to do 27 classes. So on average, I reckon maybe 60-70 a year. Its slowly improving, but still super boring.

I wish the duration at each school would be longer, because its not only a drag for me, but the schools. For example, I’m the second alt in this academic year at Mitsuwa, meaning that approximately 36 classes have been used (this year) for A.L.T self introductions, followed by 72 classes used for the students self introductions (Assuming it takes two classes to prepare and present).

I’m only at this school for 6 weeks, around 30 academic days. On average three classes a day, thats 90 classes during my stay. Take out my self introduction (18) and the students self introductions (36) – thats only 54 actual classes, or about 9 each – and thats not including the last day.

Its not very efficient to have two A.L.T’s doing only 6 weeks each in a year. But thats the way the onigiri rolls. HA Super Lame!

New School / Kaizuka Junior High

Few things have changed since the last update, changing to a new school is the major one. I now take a train and a bus to get to Kaizuka Junior High which is about a 40 minute trip each way. With about 600 students, the school is six times bigger than my first. The students are a lot more “active”, my first day at school a student had punched though a window pane, and destroyed a metal bucket. It’s also quite common to see students bullying each other and fighting in the school.

There is a benefit of being in such a school and that is I have yet to be bored. There are also many different clubs that I can attend. I also managed to commandeer an empty classroom to use for English lessons which makes things a bit easier.
The school is known as one of the main “bad” schools in Chiba, but its really not that terrible, apart from having one quarter of the class talking, another quarter sleeping and the other half semi listening to lessons. But its not up to me to make them learn, I’m just there for those who want to learn.

Had a school musical thing the other day where a orchestra came to play, It was my first time to see one live, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Few more activities coming up, ill see if I can snap some photos.

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