Sharp Netbook Mini LCD Mouse Pad Thingy.

Found these in the local Yodobashi. Looks like a blend of touchscreen technologies, probably resistive and capacitive. You need the pen to control whats on the screen, and when you use your finger – you move the mouse.

Dropbox Beta Code

I was scrounging around on the net to find a beta code of this super wicked awesome file synchronisation software Dropbox and I found one!

Hopefully it will keep working for a while, but be quick. Currently an allowance of 2 gigabytes.

Dropbox Beta Code: webware
Get it here http://getdropbox.com/beta/webware

And make sure to invite all your friends too!

Oh and thanks to mbegin (http://blogoscoped.com/forum/126073.html) for the code!

*UPDATE* – The code has now expired.

Google Browser Sync

Finally a program that will sync my Firefox settings across computers. I have been waiting so long for a program like this. It will synchronize and encrypt your cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks, history and tabs/windows. Unfortunately it will not synchronize your plugins/addons.

Grab it now from:

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