PlaystationTV Coming To Japan Soon?

Turns out this is only the demo kiosk software. That sucks.

Caught this at the local Yodobashi. Its installing something to do with PlaystationTV.


‘Beta’ get in quick – If you can. LittleBigPlanet!

Just applied myself, not too sure on the details but per usual it involves downloading a theme for the PS3. Looks like you can apply up until the 23rd, and the beta takes place from the 29th to the 12th.

Good Luck!

Phantasy Star Portable Sold Out

Found this sign on the way into the local Yodobashi today. First time I have seen them erect a sold out sign for anything other than the consoles.

Phantasy Star Sold Out

Gears of War – Flying car glitch.

Was playing Gears of War (X360) yesterday and this car went all crazy. Not sure how to cause it, but I have seen one other video over at gametrailers.com

Tokyo Game Show

I’m on a plane to Brisbane, so I’ve got some spare time to spend updating the blog. First off I suppose is the Tokyo game show. I managed to sneak in on the first day as a distributor, and got to play a few games I have been looking forward to. Halo 3 didn’t seem all that special, looks the same as halo two, but it felt tweaked and refined etc… I played Metal Gear Solid 4 online, had a lan game with a bunch of other people, didn’t do too well with that. Graphics were good but I had a problem getting used to the controls. Can’t expect much in 20 minutes I suppose. I was going to play Devil May Cry 4, but I couldn’t be bothered waiting twenty minutes. Overall my favorite game was little big planet. I just love the idea of having to work as a team. It’s defiantly a game I want to buy. I played many games, most of which looked worth getting. I lost a game of Eye of Judgment, but only because the idiot Japanese guy next to me didn’t remember the rules.

Overall the game show wasn’t as big as I expected it to be but it was my first actual game, so I have nothing to compare it to. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed it very much had I gone on the weekend. Good luck to those of you who will be attending this weekend, I hope you can handle waiting hours for game demos.

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